Thursday, June 28, 2012

Crocs. *shudder*

Let the self-loathing begin. I swore, SWORE, on a stack of fashion bibles that I would NEVER, EVER own or wear Crocs. In fact, I think I belong to a group on Facebook entitled "I don't care how comfortable they are, you look like an idiot in your Crocs". It was my declaration against Crocs in my life. A public declaration.
Proof you should never say never. One of the things I'm looking forward to purchasing (aside from some colourful Yoga Jeans) is a pair of Crocs. Fuck. I feel like I'm betraying myself. That being said, I'm definitely going to buy one of those nice pairs that look like Mary-Janes. Or should I buy these: A-Leigh wedges (jesus, they even bear my name now. why? WHY?!?!?!). I think I'm going with these ones or their open-heeled cousin because if I'm going to do it, I'm going to do it cute.
So here's my rationalization (I feel like that should perhaps be the new title of this blog - Leigh's Rationalized purchases), Crocs were in fact created for gardening. That was their original purpose. I spend the majority of my time in the garden, farming. I loathe wearing sneakers unless I have to, besides when they get wet in the field its terrible. if I go barefoot, I end up with too many rock-related or thistle related injuries and flip flops are ok, but they get stuck in the mud in a suction-cuppy, unreliable sort of way. Finally, slimy-wet Birks are horrifying. So you can see my dilemma.
How do I know Crocs are the perfect solution to my problem? (*hits head against wall*) Because my mum brought hers out for when she helps in the garden and I used them in a pinch (though not without thinking and re-thinking about it). Anyway, I put them on and then (to my horror) I realized the glory of the Croc. They are lightweight, comfortable, sturdy in the garden and they even have little comfort bumps on the sole - its like a little foot massage!!!
Even though I'm super enthusiastic about them for my purposes (gardening), I still feel a sense of derision at the people who insist on wearing Crocs year-round and with those stupid charms in them (who ever thought they were a good idea? do you really need your crocs to smile at people?!?). Really, is that necessary? But, who knows in 6 months I maybe right in there with the worst of them. I highly doubt it though. I will limit my croc-wearing to farming-related activities only. I hope...
Just so you know, I'm less than a week away from the end. I feel excited about it, but also feel like this period has been long enough to break the habit without breaking my spirit.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Almost there...

So I officially entered a grey-area in my quest back in March (I can't believe its JUNE!!!) when I went to NYC and made special purchasing exceptions. I mean, really, NYC - I have no regrets. But other than that trip I've slipped quite nicely into a not-buying pattern. Its kind of become second nature and now I actually think about money on spend on everything, not just my garb.
I have missed my Yoga Jeans though, among other things. I've been making do with what I call my mom jeans (which makes me shudder). Its not that they are mom-jeans perse, its just that they are jeans that I feel are altogether too sensible and slightly ill-fitting. Too big, too long in the crotch etc. Not the kind of fit that one experiences with high-end designer jeans. Of which, I'm a big fan. You might recall my Yoga Jean post from earlier in the year. Some designer things are over-rated - like the ever-ghastly Ed Hardy anythings, but Yoga Jeans are not. I'm also a big fan of iT Jeans. These are things worth spending money on.
A couple weeks ago, I was able to close the Masters chapter of my life by "walking the stage" at convocation. The driving force behind this was my mum, but I'm really happy that I did it. Despite the fact I was stuck between two girls who knew each other and insisted on talking over me/through me or whatever through the ceremony on the stage for all to see (decorum is dead apparently), I enjoyed taking that time to celebrate me. So did the people I love. It was to my great delight when my partner surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of long stem roses (no baby's breath - ick) and a gift certificate to my favourite store: The Loop. When he gave it to me, I said "Only a month to go and I can use it". He quickly reminded me that not only was his gift appreciated, it was also genius! A gift certificate constituted guilt-free shopping because he had already spent the money and it was a gift. See the grey-area here. If I really wanted to ascetic about this, I could have waited. But lets be honest, I survived NYC without too much shopping...I definitely took my loop hole (pun intended).
This weekend, I celebrated me in a different way. We hired our friend to work the market for us and I took some time to go shopping. How glorious. Suffice to say, I replaced my long-mourned yoga jeans - good bye mom jeans - and bought some beautiful sundresses.
This experience made me realize how much this journey has made me grateful for what I have. I left the store with my purchases and felt truly spoiled and grateful. What would have been a run-of-the-mill shopping experience at previous points was totally satisfying to me. To appreciate the things I have is something that I've learned. Also, that I truly appreciate the people I have in my life, not just the things. This seems more important, no?
I have less than a month until the six months is up. I feel like the date will probably pass without me realizing. The absolute best thing to come from all of this is that I have changed my consumptive habits, which was the goal. I still like to buy stuff and I like a good outfit - that's just part of me - but now I feel in control of these things and I feel like I've removed myself from the constant want/need conveyor battle that our economic system wants us to be on. If I need or want something I can get it, but I won't want and therefore justify a need every second day. It makes my Type A personality smile to be in control of it.