Friday, February 10, 2012

Ode to my Yoga Jeans

I love jeans SO much. A good pair of jeans can set you up for the day, but a bad pair ick, the worst.
For those of you who fall into the category of "women whose thighs touch" you will especially appreciate this bit. Consider the alternate title of this post "Ode to thighs that touch".
In the last two days, both my pairs of wonderful Yoga Jeans by Second denim have ripped, more aptly, worn out due to the friction in the dreaded inner thigh, would-be chafe zone. Yoga Jeans, as promised, fit so well with 4-way stretch you could in theory do yoga in them, hence the name. They are Canadian made and designed AND you can actually go down two sizes!!!! These are my jean nirvana (thanks to my friend Cat for introducing them to me), I loved them so much I was even talked into skinny jeans. For reals. My first purchase session of Yoga Jeans from the always delightful Trove in The Annex on Bathurst in T.O resulted in me going home with two pairs (@$90+ a pop) and a half price denim skirt. For me, this is a no brainer, no big deal shopping outing. I should mention I had already hit up two or three other stores on this particular adventure, but had still convinced myself that because I didn't purchase more than one or two things at each place, I really hadn't spent that much.
A moment of self reflection followed by a rationalization, I am a masterful consumer. This is why friends like to shop with me, I'm likely to spend more and come up with a convincing argument in favour of purchsing. Even if I don't do these things on this particular outing, I certainly have in other contexts. Jeans are an easily justifiable purchase (times 3 apparently) because of the entirely complicated and often soul sucking process of finding the right jeans, a challenge for all women/people, of all shapes I am learning. Too short, too long, too tight, not tight enough, too high waisted, rise is too low, the dreaded muffin top, skinny jeans, flare, the stretch factor and my favourite, the long crotch. So when you find the right ones...stock up!
So this Ode to my beloved Yoga Jeans (and my thighs that touch) exists because I will not have Yoga Jeans gracing my life and lower limbs until July. It is my first hurdle in the quest.
I will have to make do.
At present I'm trying to think up ways that I could darn the parts that are worn out so that I could continue to wear them. My experience as a teenager (yes, this happened then too), was that patches underneath don't work and only draw attention to the fact that ones thighs are refusing to conform to their encasement. Darning might get a little more life out of my favourite jeans, they are not so far gone that they are beyond repair at this point.
I guess I need to remind myself that this journey was bound to have some hurdles, its more than closet discoveries of forgotten treasures.

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