Monday, January 30, 2012


Last night we attended what many have described as "the event" in our city. Not a gala, not a big fundraiser, none other than the Banff Mountain Film Festival world tour. Every year they come to our local, out-dated Community Auditorium and anyone who is anyone is there. Well anyone who is a anywhere near to being outdoorsy, hippy, yuppie, climber, know the crunchers of granola.
The festival as it were has gotten more commercial over the years, this years sponsor roll - almost 15 minutes long - involved plugs for everyone's favorite performance apparel. Now I've already discussed my own gear, but I'm pretty sure that was a gear-heavy crowd.
We were there amongst the fleece, down vests, wool sweaters and (my least favorite) the overly-sensible shoe or worse yet...hiking boot, blech.
But before I get on my high horse, I looked down. Sporting my sensible black North Face boots (admittedly my mukluks were my first choice) and my down filled North Face parka, I started to think about my place in this crowd.
I'm terribly afraid of heights and don't engage in any kind of climbing off the ground. I've done some recreational water sporting and i really love xc skiing. I spent too many treeplanting months in tents (even those set ups were pretty fancy) for that to have any romance left for me, for more than a few nights anyway. There is always one moment during the films where I think - "I could be hard core like that". This usually subsides on the way to the car, where it's inevitably minus a million outside.
So, does my fashionable performance apparel and attendance at this event launch me straight into poser-land?
I'm not sure, but more importantly I'm not sure it matters. After all, I like going to the posh Auditorium when it's populated by aromatic hippy-folk (and us posers too).
As we pull into our long country driveway, on our 80 acre farm, bring wood into the house to start the fire (our only heat source) and make sure the pipes haven't frozen (like they did last week), I realize everyone's definition of toughness is different.
And I'm really freaking glad I have these warm boots and this warm parka.

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